The ZEN ZEN FOREST CONSERVATION CLUB (FCC) was started as a way to allow our customers in the US and elsewhere to help stop illegal logging in Bali and help create sustainable industries in needy areas. Assisted by IDEP and Morag Gambal of Crystal Waters, Australia, FCC’s first, self funded pilot project, in 2000, was a “Permaculture” course in sustainable community development offered in Ekasari, Jembrana, West Bali.

In 2001 we sponsored a meeting of the minds between grammar school students from Sunrise International School in Bali & the village grammar school in Ekasari. The Sunrise School students shared their “Learnscape” environmental studies with the village children while the village children took the International students to the forest & some local farms where, inspired by the Permacuture course, the farmers have combined traditional farming techniques with their new knowledge to turn unproductive rice fields into award winning organic farms.

In 2003, aided by customer contributions and a grant from USAID, we were able to offer a much more in depth training course which covered forest conservation and organic farming as well as sustainable community development. With both foreign and local instructors, the course was offered as a preamble to a five village competition to help restore the West Bali National Forest.

The winning village, who was awarded a grant to continue their reforestation efforts, now have several self sustained seedling nurseries & have been planting & caring for many new trees in their local forest.

In the last few years our activities have continued with helping to form a 3 village organic farming cooperative growing Papayas & other produce to supply hotels in Bali. We have been working with village farmers and the local government to develop an organic chocolate farming industry, and with our friends and associates, the Klompok Tani Megamendung in West Java, on an extensive self funded reforestation and organic farming project there. Other sustainable development & empowerment projects have included putting together Balinese village artisans with their Javanese counterparts to create new collaborative handicrafts to better compete in the world market.

We would like to thank you, our customers and the many friends, business associates, government officials and prominent religious leaders who have aided us in our reforestation and community empowering efforts, sharing their expertise and inspiration with the community. These include USAID, IDEP, Yayasan MACK, BOA (Bali Organic Association) Klompok Tani Megamendung in West Java, Udayana University, BAPPENAS, Jembrana Government, Bedugal Botanical Garden, Wayang Cengblong and Ida Pedanda Made Gunung, to name a few. And not to forget Nyoman Suma Artha (Andrea's husband, and a West Bali Native) who organized and implemented the entire project.

This season we are donating $2.00 for every order we receive, in addition to all profits from our "Go Greenschool Eco lap-desk" to the Green School scholarship fund. The Green School, Bali is building an educational model for tomorrow, something the world can share. A green curriculum using Cambridge with IB and a carbon neutral campus set in a global community that wants to make a difference. Give an Indonesian child a chance to be a leader in a Green tomorrow by funding his/her scholarship. Please see their web site for more details at